247 Lures Standard Color Options

247 Lures Standard Color Options

  • January 30, 2018
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Several years ago, every 247 Lure body was painted in every single color combination. Despite being an immense amount of work to manage inventory, many of these color options were in very limited production. Over the past several years at 247 Lures, we’ve done our best to narrow down and simplify the vast array of “standard” color options. Please remember, we still encourage and welcome all custom color requests from all of our wholesale dealers! 

The color options you see listed available for purchase are the “stock colors” that we paint and keep inventory of. If you see a color option available for purchase on our website, we have that exact lure painted, rigged, and packaged ready for shipping.

Beyond our standard/stock colors, we are always open to exploring custom color combinations and designs. Please consider that all of the Stock Colors you see available are proven to produce fish. If there’s something else you would like us to paint for your tackle shop, please reach out with your requests. We’re happy to accommodate whenever we can!

Peruse the picture below to view our Stock Color options:

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