About Us

About Us

All of our 247 Lures are hand-painted and hand-made right here in central Connecticut. Sealed, painted, clear-coated, rigged, and built in our very own workshop. We take great care to ensure each and every lure is of the utmost quality. We would never send you a product that we wouldn’t fish ourselves!

Every one of our lures and every one of our colors have been proven tried and true, from New Jersey to Long Island Sound to Cape Cod and beyond. And we’re working our way further every year! The lures you see on our website are well-known for fooling Striped Bass (to 50lbs and larger) and Bluefish (some really serious gators). But our lures have also caught Little Tunny (Albies), Bonito, Black Sea Bass, Porgy, Fluke, as well as freshwater species such as Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickeral, and more. Clients/Customers further south have even caught Redfish and Speckled Trout. 

All plugs and lures from 247 Lures are thru-wired with only high quality hardware. We have complete confidence in the strength and reliability of the thru-wire, barrel swivels, split rings, and hooks.  There is absolutely no need to upgrade any of the hardware when you buy from 247 Lures; our plugs are ready to fish right out of the package!

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If you ever have any questions, troubles, concerns, or problems… do not hesitate to contact us! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

Whether you are a first time 247 Lures customer or a seasoned & salty fisherman, we love to hear from all 247 Lures customers! As far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t matter if you own one single lure or three dozen of our plugs; if you’ve got a 247 Lure in your collection that makes you part of the family!

To reach us, you can use “Contact Us” page to send a simple message. Or feel free to contact us through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

And one more thing… keep those fish pics coming!!!

Sincerely, Elliot


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