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Those of you that know me personally, already know that I’m a bit of a dork/nerd/science guy. With that type of personality, I tend to overanalyze a lot of things in my life. I research phones for months before buying one, usually so long that by the time I decide I have to start all over again because they no longer sell the one I decided on. Moral of this introduction is that I do the same with my fishing gear.

I was a happy customer of 247 Lures for several years before I took over the operation and started producing the lures myself. I shopped for a new fishing kayak over a year before I finally made a choice. I’ve gone through a half-dozen (maybe more) phone cases before finding one I’m really happy with.

I’ve created this page to hopefully cut down some research time for you – my fellow fishermen and women.

  • Kayak of choice – Hobie Outback – I’m not exaggerating when I say I shopped for a full year before finally pulling the trigger on a kayak. I’ve fished from a handful of cheap, sit-in kayaks over the years, but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. I had just about decided on whatever the top-shelf kayak Cabelas was selling at the time (a predator or something similar). Then a client of mine (managing a high end wine & spirit shop at the time) invited me fishing because he just got a new kayak and now owned two. That night was my first introduction to a Hobie kayak.  Click Here to Read More About My Hobie Outback…

For all your Hobie Kayak needs – whether you want to demo a kayak, do a little research, or if you’re ready to make a purchase – go see the team at Three Belles Outfitters. Great group of guys and you’ll be in good hands. I bought my first Hobie somewhere else, but TBO got me out of a jam helping me with my mirage drive, and I’ve been a big fan of TBO ever since!

  • Electronics/Fishfinder – Lowrance Elite-7 Ti -Initially I went with Lowrance a few years ago because the Hobie kayak has a small built-in hatch/port for the Lowrance transducers. But after kayak fishing pretty seriously for a few years now, I’ve done my research; and I’m still very happy with Lowrance units.
  • Keeping the Car Clean (& dry) – Dri-Seats® – As a fisherman, hunter, outdoorsman, handyman, dog owner, and contractor, there are a few things I’m really exceptional at. One of those skills is getting my car dirty. While Dri-Seats won’t clean the car for me, it has done an extremely good job of keeping my seats clean and dry. Made from a waterproof polyester, a Dri-Seat seat cover just slips over the top portion of your car seat and you’re ready to go. After a few trips I toss them in the washing machine, and they’re back in action before I am. Dri-Seats are basically waterproof, sweatproof, dogproof, mudproof, waderproof, drysuitproof, and slimeproof all at the same time. Head over to their website and grab a couple for yourself. Use discount code “247lures” to save a little money in the process!
  • Drysuit – Level Six (specifically the Emperor Drysuit) – Another one of those times I researched and researched before spending the money on what I considered a pretty big purchase. I’m really glad I held out long enough to find the Level Six company! Their gear is no joke!

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