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We try to fish as much as we possibly can. That said, if we’re not actually on the water, we’re almost definitely doing something related to fishing. We’re either building lures, talking about fishing, working on gear, reading about fishing, or asking the boss for permission to go fishing.

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April OTW Magazine Eastern LIS Fishing Forecast

If you are anything like me, the cabin fever has really been driving you bonkers for a couple months now. For me though, April is probably my favorite month of the whole year! April is the month that ....

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Surfcasters Box

The older I get, the more things in my life seem to work like a subscription service. Cell phone bills, car payments, business taxes... all monthly recurrences. Add on all the daily/weekly things ....

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247 Lures Standard Color Options

  • January 30, 2018
  • elliot
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Several years ago, every 247 Lure body was painted in every single color combination. Despite being an immense amount of work to manage inventory, many of these color options were slow selling. Over t....

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