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We try to fish as much as we possibly can. That said, if we’re not actually on the water, we’re almost definitely doing something related to fishing. We’re either building lures, talking about fishing, working on gear, reading about fishing, or asking the boss for permission to go fishing.

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October OTW Magazine Eastern LIS Fishing Forecast

Winter is coming, but it’s not here yet! October is a bittersweet time of the fishing season for me. On one hand, it signals the end of the season as the fish are fully focused on their fall mig....

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September OTW Magazine Eastern LIS Fishing Forecast

Be Ready – this is as exciting as it gets! We all have our favorite species to fish for and we all have our favorite time of the year. I would make the case, however, that September is the most ....

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August OTW Magazine Eastern LIS Fishing Forecast

After several months of fishing that anglers are just itching and waiting for, August is one of those months can drive some anglers a little coo-coo. Summer doldrums and dog days are often adjectives....

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