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We try to fish as much as we possibly can. That said, if we’re not actually on the water, we’re almost definitely doing something related to fishing. We’re either building lures, talking about fishing, working on gear, reading about fishing, or asking the boss for permission to go fishing.

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July OTW Magazine Eastern LIS Fishing Forecast

July in Long island sound can be a magical time of the year for Saltwater anglers! Striped bass should be found in their usual summer spots, and almost every other target species should be catchable ....

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June OTW Magazine Eastern LIS Fishing Forecast

The striper migration is fully underway, and while they might still be looking for their summertime haunts, stripers have – for the most part – spread throughout much of New England. But as you m....

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May OTW Magazine Eastern LIS Fishing Forecast

I wrote last month that April is my favorite month of the year - due to the great variety of fishing to enjoy. But I must admit that the month of May is an incredibly close second place. In April I p....

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