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Guided Fishing Trips are available year-round (weather permitting) for anglers and kayakers of all skill levels. Kayaking the tidal rivers and shoreline of Connecticut waters is our specialty, but our adventures don’t stop there! Keep reading below to see all the different options we have to offer. Most importantly remember, all trips are 100% customized to best suit you, your goals, & your abilities!

Depending on the time of year and current fishing reports, Connecticut offers a large variety of fishing options to choose from. Saltwater trips into Long Island Sound, Tidal Rivers, as well as freshwater lakes and ponds provide a long list of possible species to target.

Saltwater/Inshore Kayak Trips – The Connecticut shoreline of Long Island Sound offers some excellent opportunities for some monster Striped Bass, but also Bluefish, Summer Flounder, Black Seabass, Weakfish, False Albacore, and more! Depending on the weather and water temperatures, we’re generally fishing the Saltwater from mid-May thru mid-September (give or take a couple weeks).

Freshwater Kayak Trips – While some kayak anglers use freshwater fishing as a substitute for early and late season Saltwater trips, there is some great freshwater fishing all around the state of Connecticut. Depending on a clients goals, we regularly use various launch sites throughout the Connecticut River watershed, other tidal rivers, as well as numerous lakes and ponds. On any given trip we can target largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, yellow perch, white perch, catfish, bowfin, northern pike, and more.

Introductory/Demo Trips – We occasionally get contacted by anglers that want a crash course in Hobie Kayaks and kayak fishing, and yes, we do those too! We’ve been fishing from kayaks for nearly twenty years, and fishing from Hobie kayaks since 2013. Most Hobie Dealers are incredibly accommodating with Demo models, sometimes buyers need a little more than a fifteen minute test drive to make up their minds. At any given time we’ve got three different Hobie models in our personal ‘fleet’ for clients to test drive and demo. Plus, working closely with local Hobie dealer New England Dive Center allows us to have additional models and accessories at our fingertips when necessary.

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Owner of 247 Lures, Elliot specializes in kayak fishing the CT shoreline for Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, and various bottom fish species

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