My Kayak of Choice: the Hobie Outback

My Kayak of Choice: the Hobie Outback

  • January 27, 2018
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I’m not exaggerating when I say I shopped for a full year before finally pulling the trigger on a kayak. I’ve fished from a handful of cheap, sit-in kayaks over the years, but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. I had just about decided on whatever the top-shelf kayak Cabelas was selling at the time (a predator or something similar). Then a client of mine (managing a high end wine & spirit shop at the time) invited me fishing because he just got a new kayak and now owned two. That night was my first introduction to a Hobie kayak.

We launched just before sunset on a body of water I’d never fished before. I got a five minute introduction on how to work everything, and we were off. We fished till about 4am that night and I only touched the paddle one time when we were launching. Now that I think back, I’m not even sure I caught a fish that night. But by the time I got home I had a pretty good idea I wanted a Hobie. After a little research over the past few days, I knew for sure I wanted a Hobie. 

Less than a week later, I had a Hobie Revo 13 of my own. I didn’t really have many friends with kayaks, and I didn’t really know the area that well. I had been surfcasting for a few years but wasn’t super comfortable with launching and kayaking alone. That first year I took it pretty easy, but still did some fishing.

Since then I’ve sold the Revo 13 and I’ve been fishing Hobie Outbacks ever since. I’m not saying an Outback is “better” than a Revo, but the Outback fits my type/variety of fishing the best. A Revo is great when you have a distance to travel, don’t carry a lot of gear, or make short fishing trips. Compared to an Outback, a Revo is a little lighter, a little faster, but also a little less stable. Conversely, an Outback is a little more stable, you can hold more gear, I can fish standing up (in calm water), but the Outback is also a little splash-happy in choppy water.

In my opinion, Hobie is probably the best producer of kayaks on the market. Their mirage drive is the best possible means of pedal driven kayaks. Other pedal driven kayaks are either slower, less efficient, or more tiring. And if I’m comparing a Hobie to any other “paddle” kayak, the choice for me is easy. If I were using a paddle to get around, I wouldn’t be able to fish nearly as much or as hard. The Mirage Drive is the way to go!

For all your Hobie Kayak needs – whether you want to demo a kayak, do a little research, or if you’re ready to make a purchase – go see the team at Three Belles Outfitters. Great group of guys and you’ll be in good hands. I bought my first Hobie somewhere else, but TBO got me out of a jam helping me with my mirage drive, and I’ve been a big fan of TBO ever since! They stock every model of Hobie, and in every color. They have more accessories than the average kayak angler knows what to do with. And they’ve got more experience and knowledge than any other kayak shop I’ve dealt with.

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