Surfcasters Box

Surfcasters Box

The older I get, the more things in my life seem to work like a subscription service. Cell phone bills, car payments, business taxes… all monthly recurrences. Add on all the daily/weekly things like a sore back, tired feet, and aching knees… groan. Then of course there are all kinds of semi-fun subscriptions, a half a dozen fishing tackle boxes and fly boxes come to mind. You can even get foods like Omaha Steaks and seafoods delivered right to your door.

But not all recurrences need to suck. Enter Surfcasters Box!

Started by a young man named Michael, Surfcasters Box is one of the most enjoyable subscription services I’ve found yet. Delivered to your mailbox every month, Surfcasters Box is great for any angler that fishes along the eastern seaboard.

Each month, subscribers are sent a variety of lures, soft plastics, terminal tackle, jigs, stickers, and much more! Not only does Surfcasters Box tweak and improve and vary up their selection each month, they also give subscribers the option to choose from multiple “levels” of boxes.

So far, Surfcasters Box has sent out monthly packages containing Cobra Bait, Gibbs, Northbar, Tactical Anglers, Fat Cow, among others. As their subscription base grows, so has the variety of offerings inside.

So let’s be honest, you want to really know more. Yes, you can wait for these guys to come to your local fishing show next winter. Or you can cut to the chase and go to their website. Yes, go ahead, click the link and get yourself signed up!!!

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